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Hello! I draw. I write. I read. I code. This is my profile. You can find me across the net with @imMarisabel. From the land of the ever blue skies of Puerto Rico. I live now in the Netherlands with my little family enjoying the Dutch lifestyle.

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Rotterdam, NL

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this is temporary. My real feed is at here until I move it here when I am done working on this.

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Breaking this apart is working. But I am stuck at the sending functions. I got the PHP 8 book from teh library to better understand how to build classes and functions to groups those together and optimize them :) Once I am done building from this code I will start making it more secure. My dream of my single use federated micro-blog is slowly comming to life. I can use prebuilt stuff but where is the fun in that? And I do preffer #PHP over Python. I just don't feel like learning yet another language until finishing a project properly. This is my PHP project, and it helps that the syntax is a lot like #Java #activityPub #learning #coding

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[ ] todo | [/] in progress | [X] done

[/] properly clen and organize this code
[ ] connect database to store pw
[ ] save entries IN database used for my microblog page
[ ] load entries from database
[ ] save followers in database
[ ] alert based on activities to inbox
[ ] tag search
[ ] display followers
[ ] via RSS display post of following on my own page
[ ] simpler mobile friendly page to post
[ ] ... still brainstorming more after I finish cleaning and studying the code